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Our company operates vigorously since 1998, as an enterprise with foreign capital, taking over at the same time the continuation of Dackard Industries AB of Sweden, now under the name of Rental Punkt Suprema-Sp. o.o.

For many years we have been in the business of commercial - service with a view to sale and rental of construction machinery and road, as well as social container - Scandinavian office system and storage containers of different gage.


As a company which has its origins in Sweden, we have long-term cooperation with construction companies in Scandinavia of a commercial nature.

Long-term stay on the domestic market and Europe has allowed us to become active, even in the global marketplace. Therefore, in recent years, in addition, of course, the sale of products to our EU neighbors, the greater part of our sales went to the Middle East, of which we are very proud of and we hope for further development in the international arena.


We offer a wide range of products, while the individual needs of the more demanding customers accept orders for data equipment.

We also guarantee professional and authorized service purchased from our machines.

Rental Punkt Suprema Sp. z o.o. is owner of Heatblur Simulations registered trademark and Viggo Technic.